NIGHT Lenses are a type of contact lens that correct your vision while you sleep! When you wake up in the morning you simply take them out and enjoy 20/20 vision all day with no glasses and nothing in your eyes.

Night lenses are an excellent lifestyle choice enabling swimming without glasses, sports without lenses coming out and comfortable vision all day without worrying about glasses steaming up or contact lenses drying out.

The hot topic of the moment is MYOPIA MANAGEMENT. Night lenses are great myopia management option as they are proven to reduce the onset of myopia for most children by between 40 and 60%. Click here for more info and testimonials.

At Brogans, we ensure that our optometrists are trained in all specialist lenses. This means that we are able to provide options suitable for almost everyone, including those who were told they were not suited to contact lenses or those who were not previously successful with lenses for some reason in the past.

“It is fantastic to be able to see clearly without glasses for the first time in nearly 30 years… the first consultation and follow up care have been excellent.”

Miss Diana Gillespie – Contact lens patient

We know that using contact lenses can be a little daunting, especially if you’ve never used them before. We have an excellent team on hand to teach you how to use contact lenses in a comfortable way that works for you.

Please remember: Contact lenses are a medical device and should therefore be looked after by a medical professional who is able to monitor your eye health in case you develop any potential problems. Your direct debit includes all essential aftercare appointments and also any professional advice or emergency appointments as required.

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If you choose to purchase your contact lenses from our practice, you may like to take advantage of our contact lens scheme, which offers a number of great benefits. Simply click here for more information

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