A person with low vision is one who has an impairment of their visual function which cannot be corrected with conventional spectacles, contact lenses or medical intervention and which causes restriction in that person’s everyday life.

In these instances, a low vision assessment can be the first step in helping to maximise the amount of usable vision.

The World Health Organisation defines low vision as:

A visualacuity of less than 6/18, but equal to or better than 3/60 in the better eye with best possible correction.

The problem with this definition is that it may exclude many people with a visual impairment whose ability to perform everyday tasks is greatly reduced


Signs of vision loss

Any sight loss should be checked by an optometrist. Signs that you need to seek help include:

Straight lines appearing wobbly / bent (this is a sign of AMD)

Problems with distance tasks such as seeing people, street signs or bus numbers

Difficulty reading, even with glasses orcontact lenses

Colours appearingto be ‘ a bit washed out’

Difficulty judgingthe depth of steps or kerbs

Difficulty drivingat night

Difficulty navigatingin unfamiliar places.

While low vision can’t be cured, or vision restored, we can offer the tools and provide support to help carry on living a full life. Youcan also benefit from no lengthy waitinglists and on-goingfollow-up appointments with the same optometrist.

A low vision assessment at PJ Brogans involves the following:

Individual needs / requirements assessment

Assessment of visual function including:

  • distance and near visual acuity
  • contrast sensitivity
  • glare function
  • central visual function
  • visual fields

Provision of low vision aids specificto your individual needs– there are a wide

range of magnifiers, optical and non-optical aids available to purchase

however we will advise on the specificstrength / type depending on your

vision, dexterity and the task youare wishingto undertake.

Information and guidance will also be provided on how to optimise your vision

Our Specialists

Optometrist Roseleen McCann has many years of experience in the field of low vision and has recently obtained a Professional Certificate in Low Vison through the University of Ulster.



Learn more about Vision Therapy

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