Is your child showing frustrated or disruptive behaviour in the classroom? Perhaps they’re complaining of headaches, or words moving on the page when they’re reading? These can all be symptoms of dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that mainly affects the skills involved in reading and writing. However, despite being classed as a learning difficulty, there is no connection between dyslexia and intelligence. In fact, sufferers are often very intelligent and creative, making the condition even more frustrating.

Approximately 10% of the British population are dyslexic which means you should never be embarrassed about your symptoms. If you believe you or your child has dyslexia, our experienced opticians at Brogans can help.

Roisin Brogan – Director

While the exact cause of dyslexia is still unknown, for around 40% of individuals, the application of a specific colour to text is thought to calm down the background noise in the brain enabling you to focus more clearly. For that reason, we have invested in a colourimeter which allows us to conduct ‘Cerium’ tint assessments to identify the specific colour that alleviates your symptoms.

These tinted lenses are a great quick fix however they do not work for everybody. If you don’t want to rely on tinted lenses or if they do not work for you there is an alternative treatment. Please see our vision therapy page for more information.


Colourimetry Assessment

A colourimetry assessment is quick (around 20 minutes) and painless. During the test, you will be asked to view a paragraph of text whilst the colourimeter places the full spectrum of colours over it. The aim of this exercise is to establish the exact coloured tint that is suitable for you, before being sent to our lab and incorporated into your spectacle lenses.

Please note: The cerium tint assessment has also proven effective for some migraine sufferers.

Cerium Assessment

The initial ‘Cerium’ overlay assessment enables our experienced opticians to help you select one of 12 coloured overlays– transparent, coloured sheets–to take home and try. If you find that the overlay makes reading and writing more comfortable for you, then you are recommended to have a colourimetry assessment.

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