• Services included in your eye care plan.

Routine eye examinations and on-going care and advice to include acute eye problem appointments, within reason. Routine meaning at least one eye exam each year. Discount on glasses frames, spectacle lenses and sunglasses purchased from PJ Brogan Ltd while on the plan.

Accidental damage cover on complete glasses purchased while on plan from PJ Brogan Ltd. Complete glasses constitutes a frame and lenses purchased as one piece of eye wear.

  • Accidental damage plan.

New complete glasses are covered by 2 years accidental damage from the date of purchase whilst you remain a plan member. Accidental damage claims on new complete glasses (see clause 1 for complete glasses) can be initiated by you the plan member on presentation of the damaged glasses with an explanation of what specifically caused the damage and when the damage occurred. A claim must be made within 1 month of the accident occuring. All claims are subject to agreement by PJ Brogan Ltd and a small excess charge – 10% of the full cost of the item for claims made in the 1st year and 30% of the full cost of the item for claims made in the 2nd year.

  • Payment.

Payment will be taken by PJ Brogan Ltd monthly for a minimum of 18 months. To remain a plan member and therefore be entitled to plan benefits payment must continue to be made as agreed with PJ Brogan Ltd. Monthly direct debit will continue to be taken until you the plan member advise otherwise in accordance with the plan agreement and no refund of the plan fee will be allowed except in the case of administrative error by PJ Brogan Ltd.

  • Alteration of monthly fee.

The monthly fee may be altered by PJ Brogan Ltd at any time but you must be given at least 2 weeks’ written notice of any increase.

  • Direct Debit Changes.

Following a change to your direct debit amount your direct debit will change immediately the notice period ends, unless plan membership has been terminated.

  • Your responsibilities.

You must keep appointments made with PJ Brogan Ltd, attend PJ Brogan Ltd when requested for regular examinations under your entitlement in the plan and advise of any changes, problems with your occular health, spectacles/sunglasses/contact lenses or any other material matter affecting you.

  • Ending your plan.

All eye care plans have a minimum subscription period of 18 months. You may end your plan membership on expiry of the 18 month period or 6 months after your last purchase with PJ Brogan Ltd, which ever the greater. You will first need to pay any outstanding sums due to PJ Brogan Ltd and give not less than 21 days’ notice expiring on the last day of a month. PJ Brogan Ltd may end your plan on the last day of a month after two months.

  • Non payment.

For all eye care plans if the monthly fee is unpaid 1 month after it is due, PJ Brogan Ltd may end your plan with immediate effect by giving you written notice to that effect however you will still be liable for all sums outstanding to PJ Brogan Ltd. Non payment of any plan fee immediately cancels any applicable accidental damage cover.

  • Variation of conditions.

The conditions of your plan may be changed by PJ Brogan Ltd from time to time. The latest conditions are always available from PJ brogan Ltd.

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An excellent service provided to me at my last visit acouple of weeks ago. The optician went the extra mile and treated me as if I was “Royalty”. Very pleased with my new opticians after moving house last year.

Melvyn Warnock

Have been acustomer with Brogan’s for several years. All the staff are professional, helpful & friendly. Would highly recommend.

Paddi McCartney